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Make any ad an opportunity to shop

Use shoppable ads to bring your products closer to the people by turning every advertisement and image into an easy shopping experience.

There are many ways to shop

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The key to shoppable ads – the Snapio code

The Snapio code is the link between the Snapio elements – it brings together the product recognition, instant shopping, and streamlined checkout platform.

Most importantly, any phone with a camera can scan the code – no app necessary.

Merchants can create as many Snapio codes as necessary directly in the Snapio system.

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How to create shoppable images

Any image can be turned into a shoppable ad. All it requires is the addition of a Snapio code that the viewer can scan.

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On packaging

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In your storefront

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On stickers

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On leaflets

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On printed ads

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On merchandise

Learn more about the Snapio code

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How to create a shoppable ad

To create a shoppable ad, your fastest approach is to create a Snapio account and Snapio code. Here's a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Create your Snapio merchant account
  2. Upload the products you'll be selling to the platform
  3. Generate a Snapio code
  4. Place the code in advertisements
  5. Receive orders from buyers who have scanned the Snapio code

What buyers see – shoppable ads from the buyer perspective

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Imagine this

You're walking around town, going about your own business. And then you see an ad for a phenomenal product, and you know you want it.

Rather than having to remember the product, the brand, and, let's be honest, risk forgetting, there's a code. You simply scan the code and are brought straight to the website, where you can make the purchase in just 3 clicks.

Now all that's left to do is wait for the package to arrive, and enjoy!

In the world of instant gratification, instant buying and instant purchases will become the norm that the market will expect.

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With instantly shoppable ads, the buyer is able to satisfy their desire without having to delay gratification.

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Scan with phone camera

The buyer can scan the Snapio code with any telephone with a camera in it, no special app necessary.

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Quick checkout

Once the buyer's shipping and payment history has been entered once, all future purchases are done with the one-click checkout.

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All orders in one place

All of their orders, even from different sellers, are collected in one page for a smooth overview of orders, along with information such as shipment tracking numbers.

Ready to make your ads shoppable?