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Universal order tracking

Use our order tracking feature to track all of your online purchases in one place

All orders in one place!

The one thing better than ordering your fave product is knowing when it's going to get there!

One of Snapio's greatest benefits is that it offers a complete overview of all of your online purchases, all in one place.

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Keep track of all of your orders in one place

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View the order status for all of your expected items

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See how much you've spent and where

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Make one-click repeat orders if you really loved it

See your complete online order history

See everything you've bought online...for better or for worse!
A complete overview will give you everything you need in one place

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As long as you used the Snapio one-click checkout to make the order, it will show up in your order history.


By seeing everything in one place you gain insight, information, and most of all – the power to make better decisions. Nothing will slip past you.

Here's how:

  • Never forget about an order that got “lost” in the mail
  • Never miss the order tracking info
  • Know exactly when to expect a delivery
  • Keep tabs on how much you've spent

Information is power, and that's exactly what that order history overview gives you.

International and domestic order tracking

The Snapio order history section will show you all of the order tracking information that the merchant has provided. This can vary from store to store, and might even be dependent on what kind of shipping method you chose at checkout.

But if order tracking is available – you'll see it.

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Order status on Snapio

has your purchase gone through, been received, and has it been handed over to the merchant

Store icon

Order status from the merchant

that the order has been received, when it's being processed, packed, and shipped

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Parcel location

see where the order is – at the merchant's which country, and which post office

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Latest update

the latest time your order moved and had a delivery update

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Estimated delivery date

when you can expect the delivery

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