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Sell from anywhere with one-click checkout

Snapio's instant checkout lets buyers make the purchase the moment they decide to buy – be that on the street when they see a billboard, when they're listening to their favourite podcast, playing a video game – essentially whenever and wherever they come into contact with your product.

Using Snapio's one-click checkout button together with our powerful product recognition Snapio code, close the sale instantly, while delighting your customers.

Contextual shoppingContextual shopping

Monetize your client touchpoints

Use the instant shopping feature to turn every client interaction into a potential buying opportunity. Simply add a Snapio code and/or one-click checkout button!

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Offline ads

add the Snapio code to your offline marketing materials

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cross-sell to your existing buyers on packaging and inserts

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use audio recognition to identify products from jingles and audio codes (coming soon)

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Video games

gaming is a growing industry, use this platform for visibility

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Product pages

skip the shipping and payment details and go straight from product to purchased

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Checkout carts

add the one-click checkout button to expedite the checkout process

From “ooh, I love it!” to “it's mine!” in 3 steps


Buyers discover the product and are brought to the instant checkout page


With auto-filled details, the checkout process takes seconds


Buyers can keep track of shipping details in their Snapio account

Instant purchases from anywhere

The SnapShop instant checkout platform brings together your buyers, regardless of where they came from. With the improved and optimized interface, and the removed hassle of manual information entry, use Snapio's ecommerce solution to see your visitors increase and your conversions skyrocket.

Contextual shoppingContextual shopping

Close the deal faster with Snapio's instant shopping