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Unlock new sales channels with QR code marketing

The Snapio code is a unique code that's generated by Snapio and links directly to your product pages, checkout pages, product lists, and more.

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How it works – scan to shop

Place your code anywhere your clients will see it. When they scan the code, they'll be instantly brought to the one-click checkout page for instant shopping.

The code can be scanned by any regular smartphone, and can be printed or used in digital mediums.

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Coming soon: audio codes

Use unique audio codes to shop straight from podcasts, video games, radio, and other audio sources.

QR code advertising

The Snapio code works just like a QR code – use it to increase your advertising reach and generate traffic from wherever you want.

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On packaging

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On leaflets

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On stickers

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On printed ads

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In your storefront

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On business cards

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On merchandise

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In sky writing….

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