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What is Snapio for shoppers?

Snapio is the smoothest shopping experience available, letting you purchase a product the moment you decide to buy – no remembering, no searching, no mobile-unfriendly checkout pages.


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Why use Snapio for your online shopping?

Snapio helps you get what you want when you want it and cuts out the excess for the most delightful online shopping experience you've ever had. See it, snap it, shop it. Simple!

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Buy what you want, when you want it

Make the purchase the moment you decide to buy – gone are the days of having to remember what you saw and digging through product catalogues.

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Frictionless and delightful shopping

A direct purchasing link to the product you want saves your time, while the one-click checkout makes it possible to skip the annoying data-entry bits.

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Track all your orders in one place

Stay on top of where your orders are with one overview page – no matter how many different stores you've purchased from.

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One login for your favourite stores

Log in to all of your favourite stores with the same, secure login details. Gone are the days of a bajillion accounts for a bajillion stores.

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Peace of mind – verified merchants only

Snapio merchants are vigorously vetted, meaning you'll never be scammed with a burner brand as long as the store is Snapio-supported.

Your Snapio account for breezy buying

A Snapio account makes it possible for you to instantly check out in any online store that has the Snapio checkout option.

Say goodbye to the monotonous data entry of adding your shipping details and payment info by hand.

Simply add your shipping and payment info once, and every time you go to make a purchase, Snapio will automatically fill out the rest for you.

Secure checkout

Safety and security are Snapio's nr. 1 priority when it comes to processing payments. Here are just a few of the ways you are protected when using Snapio:

Payment details stay private

When you checkout with Snapio, your payment details are not passed on to the seller, not even to us! Your payment details stay with Stripe – our trusted payment partner – and your data is never shared externally. Read more about Stripe's Security Policy

Verified merchants

Snapio is a private platform that not just any seller can join. Merchants have to prove they're a legitimate business, which saves you from having to google them beforehand to make sure they're not a scam. If a merchant accumulates too many complaints, they will be barred from the platform.

Money-back guarantee

If you don't receive your order from a seller, Snapio will reimburse you for the payment. Shopping on Snapio is always zero risk.

Shopping in 3 steps

Shopping in 3 seconds or less.

Shopping in 3 steps

Order tracking

You can track all of your orders (yes, even from different stores) all in one place – the Snapio order dashboard. See what's been shipped and what's on the way for an easy overview. If the seller has provided an order tracking ID, you'll be able to see it there as well! Never lose track of an order again.