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Eliminate buying friction to increase retail engagement and generate sales online

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What is Snapio for merchants?

Snapio is the first fully contextual shopping experience that removes any and all barriers from making a purchase when the buyer decides to buy.


Distribute your code

Place a Snapio code wherever you display your products


Attract buyers

Your buyer scans the code and is brought to an optimized one-click checkout page


Register purchases

A purchase is registered and ready for processing in your store's backend

Snapio is built to make online sales easier.

Ecommerce platform

a sales platform hyper-optimized for conversions

Instant shopping

make it possible for customers to shop from anywhere with contextual shopping

Fast checkout

the one-click checkout button that drastically reduces cart abandonment

Snapio code

place your code wherever your products are seen for instant shopping

Shoppable ads

monetize your ads by adding your Snapio code so your clients can shop instantly

Order tracking

take care of your clients' Nr. 1 concern when shopping online by offering order tracking

Shopping in 3 steps

Shopping in 3 seconds or less.

Why use the Snapio platform?

Snapio improves the shopping experience by bringing delight to shoppers and value to merchants.

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Increase purchase rate

Reduce abandoned cart rate and generate more sales by eliminating friction at checkout – the main reason 80% of purchases aren't made

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Generate sales from offline ads

Increase conversion rates from offline ads by instantly connecting buyers to the product's checkout page

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Gain analytics to ad value

See which ads your customers are coming from for previously unavailable insight on your ad value

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Happy customers

Customers get to buy the product the moment they see it, eliminating the frustration of having to find it online

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Fraud protection

Only verified users can use Snapio, adding another layer of security by knowing who your customers are

What is contextual shopping?

Contextual shopping is the ultimate shopping flow – you get to buy the product you want the moment to come into contact with.

Ultimately contextual shopping leads to increased purchase rates and reduced cart abandonment thanks to the optimized checkout process.

And this is exactly what Snapio is all about.

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