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What is snap sale

What is Snapio?

Snapio is an all-encompassing platform that turns the concept of contextual commerce – shopping from anywhere – a reality.

With the combination of robust product recognition from visual, audio, and digital signals, one-click checkout, and a streamlined ecommerce platform, the Snapio trifecta eliminates spatial and temporal distance to purchase.

What is contextual commerce?

Sell anywhere

Contextual commerce is the ultimate shopping flow – you get to buy the product you want the moment you come into contact with it. Whatever your environment – be that walking through the city and seeing a billboard or sitting in the subway listening to your favorite podcast – the moment you're served an ad you can act on it and buy it.

Sell quickly

Combined with a one-click checkout button and optimized checkout platform, these are the ingredients to the most seamless retail experience imaginable.

Sell more

Ultimately, contextual commerce leads to increased purchase rates thanks to the direct link to the product checkout page, as well as reduced cart abandonment thanks to the optimized checkout process.

Shopping in 3 steps

Engaging every customer touchpoint

Contextual shopping comes into play when you can turn every environment, and every customer touchpoint, into an opportunity to shop.

Below are just a few ways Snapio monetizes environments to elevate contextual commerce

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Print materials

Magazine ads, brochures, billboards, stickers

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Audio sources

Podcast mentions, radio ads

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Video sources

Youtube mentions, TV commercials, gaming platforms

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Extended Reality

Virtual reality, augmented reality

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GPS-based nudges, Google maps recommendations

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IoT, Bluetooth, Beacon, WiFi sensors

Wherever your clients are, they won't have to look far or wait long to be able to make the purchase they want.

Benefits of contextual shopping

Contextual shopping is a major development in ecommerce that's set to rock the industry. Why? Because of the many benefits combined with the shift in mindset about how we offer sales to prospective customers.

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Reduced cart abandonment rate

The typical abandoned cart rate is 70%. Customers have decided to purchase, they've reached the checkout, then they change their minds. With streamlined purchasing, you can reduce the drop-off and make more sales.

Quantify ad value for print, podcast, and other tricky mediums

By adding a purchasing option straight from offline ads, you finally gain access and insight to the ROI of print ads. Test what works, and improve what didn't.

Increase conversion rate from offline ads

The average checkout process requires 22 clicks, amounting to a total of 2min 28 seconds. With contextual, one-click purchases from anywhere, you can reduce that to 3 clicks, and 12 seconds.

Happy customers

Customers get to buy the product the moment they see it, eliminating the frustration of having to find it online

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