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Increase retail engagement, reduce drop-offs, and sell more using the Snapio ecommerce checkout platform

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Shopping in 3 seconds

Shopping in 3 seconds or less.

Shopping in 3 seconds or less.

Shopping in 3 seconds
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What is Snapio?

Snapio is an ecommerce checkout platform where buyers meet sellers, made up of three main components – the ecommerce platform, one-click checkout, and product recognition.

The platform is hyper-optimized for conversions thanks to the slimmed-down ecommerce and checkout page design, with no frills or add-ons to distract shoppers.

How it works


Create a merchant account

Create your merchant account and enter your details – brand name, contact info, payment details, etc.


Upload products for sale

Add the products you'd like to sell on the SnapShop platform, entering image, product details, and description.


Generate Snapio Codes

Unique Snapio codes can be generated for each product or product list to bring buyers to your store.


Distribute Snapio codes

Place your Snapio codes in ads, digital or physical environments, and more, to help buyers find your products.


Buyers make a purchase

Using the one-click checkout, visitors buy your product through the SnapShop ecommerce platform


Receive notifications

After purchases are made in the SnapShop, order notifications will appear in your shop backend, just as a regular order.

Snapio buyers love one-click checkout

The one-click checkout button lets buyers spend more time admiring your products, and less time adding their payment and shipping details. Buyers create a Snapio account where this data is saved for all future SnapShop purchases, and keeps them coming back for easy buying.

Why use the SnapShop ecommerce checkout platform?

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Sell more items

Reduce cart abandonment rate and make more sales

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Delight buyers

Buyers use the easy one-click checkout and shop from anywhere

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Sell from all channels

Make every brand presence a sales opportunity, no matter the platform

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Product recognition with Snapio codes

Place your unique Snapio codes wherever your buyers are to effortlessly guide them to your products.

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Print materials

Magazine ads, brochures, billboards, stickers

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Audio sources

Podcast mentions, radio ads

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Video sources

Youtube mentions, TV commercials, gaming platforms

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Extended Reality

Virtual reality, augmented reality

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GPS-based nudges, Google maps recommendations

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IoT, Bluetooth, Beacon, WiFi sensors

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Purchases from anywhere

The SnapShop checkout platform brings together your buyers, regardless of where they came from. With the improved and optimized interface, and the removed hassle of manual information entry, use Snapio's ecommerce solution to see your visitors increase and your conversions skyrocket.